How Open Sources Acquired CMS Market?

Earlier in 90s, people were following a standard formula for setting up their systems having Windows 95 OS armed with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. All the programs installed on their computer were commercial. They had no idea about the concept of not paying for applications. But over the next decade, people started to realize the advantages of open sources and a gradual transformation occurred over the next few years. As the result, we can see open sources everywhere today; reason being its popularity and wide range of features.

Today, open source is changing the software industry increasingly and the open source products are attaining the market share in almost every field today and this development seems to be very fast. A lot of business people still think of Linux when they hear about open source software; but content management system played a significant role in changing the mind-set of corporations.

Times when CMS market was dominated by proprietary solutions

  • A decade ago, CMS market was not like how it is now. It was dominated by some proprietary solutions like OpenText, Obtree and RedDot. Clients had to persuade to build the websites. Also, the business owners were refusing to have the web presence in their businesses.
  • But with the upturn in broadband Internet connections, usage of Internet became commercial. As the management of web content was highly complicated and expensive, content management systems became more popular.
  • The proprietary CMSs were highly expensive and hence they were used only by enterprise class corporations. But now the Internet has become important even for the smaller businesses. So the less expensive solutions need to come to the market.

Evolution of open source

  • Content management systems started to gain the market share in the year 2003. TYPO3 was the first released in 1998, Mambo in 2001 and WordPress in 2003. All the companies across the globe had an opportunity to implement CMS for their websites at any license cost.
  • In the beginning, the missing license costs had been an enabler for many smaller companies to enter the field of content management system and those firms realized the CMS has lots of advantages beyond fair pricing.
  • Customers quickly realized that the open source software provides them the amazing features along with greater flexibility. So you don’t have to wait for new features to be a part of an update. If you have enough developmental skills, you yourself can make adjustments and extensions.

These benefits made open source content management systems grow remarkably. Today, depending on the source Drupal, WordPress, TYPO3 and Joomla are the most popular content management systems having the share of more than 70%. This tremendous growth of open source software inspired a lot of other software vendors and hence several new software products choose open source as a part of their business model.    

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