7 Noteworthy Gestures to Speed up Your iPhone Browsing

3 February 2015

Jacksonville: Safari is a fastest and more energy efficient browser when compared to other browsers. So the sites will be more responsive and the battery of your device lasts longer between the charges. The browser works with iCloud which lets you browse without any interruptions. Putting it all together, no other browsers could offer such a rich web experience. Adding to this, you can have even more faster browsing experience if you know about the gestures which speed up browsing.

Here are a few gestures which can be used to speed up browsing:

  1. Jump to top: The first and foremost gesture which would help you to speed browsing is the one which is used to jump to the top of the page. This could be used when you have scrolled down for some time and you decide to go back to the top. Instead of scrolling up again, you can just tap on the title bar present on the top of the screen. If the address bar is minimized, you need to tap twice; one to maximize and once more to jump up.
  2. Tap to show tool bar: Safari browser usually hides the tool bar in order to display more content for you. You don’t have to scroll back to make it reveal by itself; you can just tap at the bottom of the screen. It shows up the tool bar; now you can tap on the tool you want to invoke.
  3. Save or copy an image rapidly: If you come across any interesting image on a website which you want to save or copy to your clipboard, just touch and hold on the image for some time. A menu pops out where you can choose to save the image or copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Flash back in history: If you have clicked on a series of links and later you decide to go back to a particular link which was clicked sometime before, instead of tapping the back button continuously, you can just press and hold the back arrow button which pulls out the history of previously visited pages. Now you can tap on the required page and jump to it easily.
  5. Flash forward in history: This is exactly reverse to the case discussed in the above point. If you have jumped couple of pages back and again if you want to go forward, instead of tapping the forward button successively, you can just tap and hold the forward arrow which pulls out the history; now you can select the required page which you want to jump to.
  6. Bookmark the page in a blink: If you land on a page which you love and you would want to visit again and again, instead of sharing that link and accessing through that, you can tap and hold the bookmark button which is located at the bottom center. A bookmark menu pops out where you can add it to your reading list or to the list of shared links.  
  7. Quickly restore tabs: If you close a tab or a set of tabs by mistake, or you close it intentionally but later want to visit that page again, instead of trying to remember the link or typing the keyword again, you can just tap the tabs button at the bottom right; touch and hold on the + button which brings up the list of recently closed tabs where you can select the tab you want to restore.

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