Striking Android Apps That Let You Track Almost Everything You Want!

6 March 2015

Jacksonville: If you are obsessed on using technology to understand yourself, you can now use some Android applications using which you can track your daily activities. These apps track almost everything from app usage, travelling, phone usage and fitness activity. These apps just reminds some of the earlier apps like Checky and Moment that mainly focused on recording the time spent on your smartphone while allowing you to set limits on a particular behavior.

Below mentioned are the apps that let you track yourself:

  1. Instant - Quantified Self: The app keeps track of all the things you do, like the time spent in a meeting, exercising, driving and also the time spent on social media and several other things. It’s also been integrated with Google’s health tracking platform (Google Fit) which lets you pull in the data from several other fitness tracking applications.
  2. Moves: The app automatically records your activities like cycling, walking, running and other things you do. It allows you to view the duration, distance, steps walked and also the calories burnt on each activity. The app will always be running so that you don’t have to start and stop the application. You just have to keep the app along with you in your pocket or a bag. It just acts like an automatic diary for your life.
  3. Routinely: Routinely, helps you in cultivating some good habits by reminding you with particular activities or tasks to be done. You might want to develop a habit of doing something at least for few minutes, but you always forget. This app is an ideal solution for you; it just tracks each and every activity and allows you to schedule any tasks according to your time.
  4. Lifetick: This app is something that you need to keep your goals on track. It just makes you realize the need of that goal. You yourself will start identifying the core values that define who you are and why is that goal important for you. Then, it will be followed by some goals associated with the core values, tasks need to perform to achieve that goal, deadlines for completing the goal and also a progress bar.  
  5. Dailymile: If you are thinking to start any exercises, walking, running or any other cardio activities, Dailymile is just made for you. As and when you complete your workouts, just log them in using their web or mobile client. The website keeps track of all the activities performed and transforms into a beautiful graphs. You can also share your achievements on Twitter or Facebook. The app can also be integrated with Nike+ or some other Android apps.
  6. Mint: The app doesn’t require any introduction; it brings all your financial accounts online together, categorizes your transactions automatically, lets you set budget and also helps you in achieving your goals on savings. It provides almost all the information that you need to keep track of your income and expenses.

These are a few Android apps using which you can know yourself better; so that you can plan up things accordingly to make your future fruitful.

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