What’s Latest in WordPress 3.9?

8 July 2014

Jacksonville: The advanced version of WordPress, named “Smith” brings a bunch of great new features to the board. In this article, you will discover what’s new and how all the new features work.

If you are a current WordPress user, you can improve your site through the WordPress dashboard. It’s always suggested that you backup your full site in advance.

Below are the 5 main new features of WordPress 3.9:

  1. Improved Visual Editor
  2. Enhanced Widget Interface
  3. Live Theme Preview Additions
  4. Simpler Theme Installation
  5. Media Playlists for Audio & Video

1. Improved Visual Editor

The visual editor has obtained a major improvement (both under the hood and on the UI end), adding up a horizontal line button, improved Plupload and an efficient TinyMCE. Minute visual changes appear to have applied to several button icons.

The latest visual editor brings with it gallery previews, meaning an end to place holder boxes for galleries! You will have a live preview of your gallery, identical to what you do with images and other media.

TinyMCE has also been revised to version 4.0 for WordPress 3.9. Plupload 2.x has made its entry as well. It manages nearly all file upload interfaces in WordPress.

The efficient visual editor also brings drag & drop functionality, enabling you to pull images from your desktop, and drop them exactly into the post. They will be automatically arranged to fit the post.

2. Enhanced Widget Interface

As the old widget interface set the standard for drag-and-drop UI when it was brought in, it was time for an improvement. The competent developer team took the Widget Customizer plugin and effectively built it into the core.

The biggest changes that come with the new widget interface are live previews, amid others:

  • Editing existing widgets
  • Adding a new widgets
  • Widget reordering
  • Entirely remove Widgets
  • Adding a new widget

3. Live Theme Preview Additions

Live theme preview offers you an approach to see how your site would look employing a different theme. This has been around for a time and WordPress is certainly incorporating new features to the framework they have built.

Except for the normal customizations preferences like title, color and whatever else is described by the theme, you can currently put in widgets and rearrange them, considering precisely how they will appear once saved. Besides, the header image facility has obtained a revamp and now offers even more flexibility.

4. Simpler Theme Installation

The latest theme installation interface is a huge development over the old. It will be evident to anyone who has ever seen the pre-WordPress 3.9 theme installation screen.

Introducing new themes is even simpler now. The theme installation interface has been completely recreated. Some of the most accepted themes are present immediately in the “Featured” tab, for speedy installation.

Also, there are tabs for popular themes and advanced themes. The feature filter has been moved into its own tab, and has been usually cleaned up.

5. Media Playlists for Audio & Video

Users are now capable of generating audio and video playlists with WordPress 3.9. WordPress 3.9 enables you to create audio and video playlists so as to brag your work or some of your preferred media. They work as a short code, similar to image galleries presently. Uploading audio and video is managed through the usual media uploader, with images and everything. From there, you have the choice to add them to a playlist.

A small feature is that WordPress 3.9 will attempt to automatically get album cover artwork employing the ID3 tags in your media file.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

You have just got familiarized with all 5 great new features In WordPress 3.9. You can upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest version through your WordPress dashboard. This consumes not even one minute to complete, but may be longer based on your host.

Remember that upgrading your WordPress installation is the favored way to avoid malicious activity. As always, prior to any update, do not forget to back up your database. If you want any help in Wordpress CMS Development in Jacksonville or nearby areas, then please contact us. We are looking forward to talk to you.

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