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Striking Android Apps That Let You Track Almost Everything You Want!

6 March 2015

Jacksonville: If you are obsessed on using technology to understand yourself, you can now use some Android applications using which you can track your daily activities. These apps track almost everything from app usage, travelling, phone usage and fitness activity. These apps just reminds some of the earlier apps like Checky and Moment that mainly focused on recording the time spent on your smartphone while allowing you to set limits on a particular behavior.

Below mentioned are the apps that let you track yourself:

7 Noteworthy Gestures to Speed up Your iPhone Browsing

3 February 2015

Jacksonville: Safari is a fastest and more energy efficient browser when compared to other browsers. So the sites will be more responsive and the battery of your device lasts longer between the charges. The browser works with iCloud which lets you browse without any interruptions. Putting it all together, no other browsers could offer such a rich web experience. Adding to this, you can have even more faster browsing experience if you know about the gestures which speed up browsing.

Here are a few gestures which can be used to speed up browsing:

Redefine Music Using Camera with this iOS App

18 November 2014

Jacksonville: Digital music dissemination and consumption has been in the same way for quite some time now, where the users are allowed either to stream the music or to download it directly into their devices. It’s definitely not a bad model, but one way to go beyond that is by launching an album not just as digital downloads, but also as an app. We’ve come across several artists who were striving to achieve that in past, but “Sadly by Your Side”, a unique album and an iOS app has got to do that.

What’s Latest in WordPress 3.9?

8 July 2014

Jacksonville: The advanced version of WordPress, named “Smith” brings a bunch of great new features to the board. In this article, you will discover what’s new and how all the new features work.

If you are a current WordPress user, you can improve your site through the WordPress dashboard. It’s always suggested that you backup your full site in advance.

Below are the 5 main new features of WordPress 3.9:

Why is SEO Crucial for Business?

22 January 2014

Jacksonville: Together with media and marketing services, search engine optimization for business is also important for businesses wishing to expand their visibility on the web. This service is now available for clients owning local and big businesses. Business owners willing to take benefit of this feature may also do so by starting a media optimization analysis.


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